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Core System Japan Co., LTD. is a corporation that offers safety and security to the society.
Using our unique fiber optics technology by Hetro-Core Technique, we propose total solutions from large-scale monitoring of disaster preventions to securities of local offices and homes.

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2009.11.17 Ran a booth at the "2009 Lock Smith Harvest Festival" hosted by JAPAN LOCK SECURITY cooperative Union
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2009.07.28 Office relocation notice
2009.06.19 Renewed Home Page
2009.05.28 Added i-Line System Configuration Example to Products
2009.05.07 Added Site for Mobile Phone
2009.02.05 Renewed Product Information
2008.12.25 Renewed Home Page
2008.10.01 Added New Software Information!(Optic Fiber Sensor i-Line Series)

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