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≪ Development/Manufacture/Distribution/System integration of Office & Home security products ≫

≪ Development/Manufacture/Distribution/System integration of Damage/Disaster monitoring ≫

≪ Technologies and R&D to be covered ≫
Hardware technology Related
  • ・Various board design (CPU/ FPGA/ Various communication module, camera module board etc.)
  • ・Sensing technology (optic fiber sensor/ Image sensing)
  • ・Robot positioning and control( Ultra sound positioning technology)
  • ・Customized Instrumentation

Software technology development
  • ・Embedded software development
  • ・Image processing Application
  • ・Network related Application
  • ・Customized Applications

Fiber Optic Applied technology
  • ・Fiber Optics Sensor Design Technology using Hetero-Core
  • ・Various Physical sensor system (Distortion, Oscillation, Displacement, Pressure, Hydraulic pressure, Temperature, Weight, Switching, Microphone etc.)
  • ・Various chemical sensor system (Refraction index, Humidity, pH, Bacterial etc.)
  • ・Optical measurement system

≪ Propulsion of Industry-University-Government Cooperation ≫
Social Collaborative propulsion business(SPAN Project

≪ Assignment and License of Intellectual Property Right ≫
Fiber Optic sensor related: Domestic 25, International 5
Ultra sound positioning related: 3
Image processing related: 4

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