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  • i-Line(PT): P Tile form Pressure Detection Sensor
    External Dimensions 300mm×300mm, t4mm
    Material Stainless Steel, Rubber
    Weight 1.1kg
    Characteristics ・Place on floor, Detects when people steps on it
    ・Will not feel any discomfort after installment do to its thinness(4mm)
    ・Able to detect the type of object do to its broad weight distinction.

  • i-Line(SC): Security Chain Sensor
    External Dimensions Arbitrary (max in km)
    Cable OD φ3mm
    Standard length 100m
    Characteristics ・Detects tremor for area of fence which the sensor is installed
    ・Able to support up to few km
    ・Able to adjust the sensitivity of the tremor

  • i-Line(NT): Optic Magnet Sensor
    Sensor Dimensions W23mm×D43mm×H10mm
    Range OFF and ON
    Weight 6g
    Characteristics ・Detects the opening and closing of the installed window
    ・Unnoticeable when installed in a room

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