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To Begin with
  • Core System Japan Co. Ltd.(herein after: Our company)handles your personal information to provide various legal services.
     For a nationally qualified office that handles publication rights, our company will endeavor to provide assurance and security for you.
     Our company will achieve to handle personal information according to the act.

    1. Regarding acquisition of personal information
      • Our company properly obtains private information and does not acquire information by means of any illegal ways such as fraud.

    2. Regarding usage of personal information
      • Our company will use the personal information to achieve the following criteria.
        We will notify the customer for other usages beside the ones listed below.

      1. To reply or to send information regarding estimation request・consultation
      2. To ship out orders.
      3. To provide information such as seminar, various products and services.

    3. Regarding the safety management of personal information
      • Our company will take necessary appropriate steps for the safety management to prevent from leakage, loss or corrupt of personal information.

    4. Regarding consignment of personal information
      • Before assigning personal information to a third party company, our company will strictly research them and then adequately supervise the company to safely manage the personal information.
      • Also, incases of collaborating with a third party company such as consulting, applying privacy mark, and applying arrangements of ISMS we will consign personal information to the collaborating company.

    5. Regarding provision of personal information to third party
      • Besides of legal cases such as the Private Information Protection Law, our company does not give personal information to a third party without the person’s permission.

    6. Regarding disclosure and correction of personal information
      • Our company will immediately disclose personal information upon person’s request.
      • If we cannot confirm the person’s identity, we will not comply with disclosure.
      • If there is a mistake in the content of personal information, we will search and correct, add, or delete upon person’s request.
      • If we cannot confirm the person’s identity, we will not comply with the correction request.
      • If there is any inquiry regarding our company’s handling of personal information above, please contact us via e-mail.

      •     【 Contact Information 】
                Core System Japan co.

    7. Change of policy
      • The content of the policy may change time to time
      • Besides our company separately sets the changes, the changes will be in effect once posted on this site
      • Date of enactment : July 14th 2008
        Last Revision date: July 14th 2008
        Core System Japan Co.

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